Zeobrite Xtreme Dual Charged Water Filtration Media
The Brightest Idea in Swimming Pool Filtration
Zeobrite® Xtreme™ - Product Information
Zeobrite® Xtreme™ is made from a unique micro-porous mineral rock called zeolite that has a negative surface charge. Zeolite is known as an ion-exchange mineral for its ability to attract and bond certain positive charged ions. Zeotech Corporation has developed a patent-pending process to alter the Zeobrite® surface charge from negative to positive. This process maintains the internal negative charge of the zeolite crystals, allowing the zeolite particles to become a “Dual Charged” media. This “Dual Charge” process allows Zeobrite® Xtreme™ to attract and remove both negative and positive charged particles that are suspended in pool water. These suspended particles, both charged and non-charged, result in “Turbidity” that make the water appear cloudy.

Third Party independent testing shows that Zeobrite® Xtreme™ can remove over 90% of suspended particles (Turbidity) on the first water volume turn-over. Initial back-washing results show reduced backwash time, saving water consumption. Cleanability Testing resulted in thorough cleaning of the media bed. Additional testing showed Zeobrite® Xtreme™ to be very stable when subjected to high concentrations of pool chemicals such as chlorine, clarifiers and algaecides.
Water Qaulity Teted and Certified
Zeobrite® Xtreme™ is Compatible with
Salt Water Systems
Zeobrite® Xtreme™ Patent ed Technology
Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50 and 61
Zeobrite Xtreme is the ultimate pool filter media - better than sand for you sand filtersMaintaining the internal negative charge also allows Zeobrite® Xtreme™ to aid in removing excess ammonia and chloramines from pool water. This feature is especially attractive for use in commercial in-door swimming pools.

Zeobrite® Xtreme™
should be cleaned with a filter cleaner at least once per year in residential pools and every six months in heavy user commercial pools. For new in-ground gunite/plaster pools, the media should be cleaned 30-45 days after pool start-up.

Installing Zeobrite® Filtration on New and Existing Pools is the Smart Thing to Do!

Zeobrite® Xtreme™ helps make swimming and other pool activities far more enjoyable.Zeobrite® Xtreme™ is used for filtration in private and public swimming pools, water parks, aquariums, hotel pools and much more. It can also be used to help purify municipal water supplies and waste water. A honeycomb-crystal structure and remarkably high surface area make Zeobrite® Xtreme™ a far better filtration medium than sand.


Xeobrite Xtreme Filters swimming pools better than Zeobrite, Silica Sand, Crushed Glass, Zeosand adn Zeobest